The 2nd Annual Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit will focus on overcoming the translational and clinical challenges of therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines for oncology indications.

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Is there a single “best” platform or will it be “fit to purpose”?

Time: 10:00am EST
Day: August 18, 2022

Speaker: Jeffrey Bockman, PhD, EVP, BioConsulting, Head of Oncology, Lumanity


  • Analyzing the advantages, disadvantages and comparisons of the DNA, Peptide, RNA, and Virus-based and other novel vaccine platforms
  • Harmonization of clinical outcomes and immune correlates
  • Considering if we can we get better at predictive animal models?
  • Questioning what other signals we need to provide to the immune system, either built into the vaccine or given concomitantly (checkpoints, costims, cytokines, innate immunity boosters, etc.)

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