Gartner’s Hype Cycle predicts that, following initial enthusiasm, emerging technologies must endure waning interest (before ultimately recovering) as early experiments fail to deliver on inflated expectations. Apart from a few striking success stories, cancer cell therapies have largely disappointed in the clinic, and stock prices have underperformed as a result. While additional future clinical and commercial wins are no doubt in the offing, those tasked with development of these technologies must inflect value and raise funds within challenging present-day market conditions. Join us for a sober assessment (supported by recent market data) of the challenges facing oncology cell therapy companies as the field moves from platform/preclinical promise to clinical and commercial reality. After laying out the state of play, we’ll identify some implications and strategic considerations for these ambitious companies grappling with high burn rates, limited relief from (or need for) Pharma partners, and mounting skepticism among public and private investors.

Attendees will learn:

–  Historical trends impacting cancer cell therapy companies over the past few years

–  Forward-looking implications for companies and other key stakeholders (investors, clinicians) in this market-  Opportunities for collaboration

Webinar – Wednesday, April 26, 2023

1:00-2:00pm EDT / 18:00-19:00pm GMT



  • Joel Sandler, PhD, Principal, BioConsulting, Cancer Cell Therapy Lead, Central Nervous System Co-Lead


  • Michael DeRidder PhD, SVP, Corporate Strategy and New Product Planning, Catamaran Bio
  • Ajla Hrle, Head of Life Sciences
  • Michael Kalos, Managing Director, Next Pillar Consulting 
  • Paul Lammers, MD, MSc, President, CEO, Triumvira Immunologics