Focus Area Oncology


  • Clinical trial provided comparison to a treatment not used in many of the countries of interest
  • Clinical trial immature; overall survival not yet reported
  • Patient level data available for multiple trials which allowed greater flexibility in the techniques that could be used for indirect treatment comparison
  • Setting in which cure is a realistic potential outcome from surgical intervention
  • Complex pathway and multiple treatment options available on progression to metastatic disease


  • Meta-regression used to provide both within trial comparison and extrapolated outcomes for economic analyses

Economic models, ITC, SLRs, technical report and publications produced to support HTA submissions and negotiations


  • Engagement to agree on a solution accounting for competing requirements of global and local market teams
  • Gold-standard patient level meta-regression making best use of available evidence for indirect treatment comparison
  • Multiple model structures provided in one Excel model allowing demonstration of the impact of structural uncertainty


First ITC
First ITC to be approved by G-BA for decision making
Successful submission support
Successfully supported submission; handling of structural uncertainty noted as a strength by HTA bodies