Authored by Zipher Medical Affairs, now part of Lumanity

Zipher partnered with a US-based Alliance involving two large pharmaceutical companies to develop a Medical Strategy for a relatively new immuno-oncology agent. The Medical Affairs Alliance faced three significant challenges:

  1. The Medical Strategy was for a new immuno-oncology agent that was at multiple stages of development—post-launch, peri-launch, and earlier — in four different tumor types.
  2. Given the broad needs with varying stages of development across multiple indications and the limited resources of Medical Affairs, the two companies needed guidance to align on priorities and key tactics.
  3. As typical, the Medical Affairs teams were facing high expectations for execution of numerous activities, but they also needed to make an impact, not just check boxes.

Over three months, the team needed to develop a clear, aligned Medical Strategy for the Alliance to direct their activities for the upcoming year to ensure maximum impact.