As the pharmaceutical industry and all healthcare stakeholders brace for turbulence caused by major changes led by the evolution of digital health, artificial intelligence, personalized healthcare and increasing amounts of data and scientific information, the impact of these on the patient and caregiver is perhaps the most profound consideration.

How will patients and caregivers need to change their behaviors and the way they engage, or disengage, with their healthcare? And how can the pharmaceutical industry respond in order to continue to meet the needs of the patient of the future?

In order to understand the changes and concerns from a patient and caregiver perspective, we recently conducted a survey with Lumanity’s Expert Patient Council, a global group of patients, caregivers, patient advocates and patient engagement experts.

We invite you to join us on this webinar, during which we will explain the breadth and depth of the survey, share results and responses from the survey, and openly discuss survey data with panel members. We will also open up for questions from attendees to gain insight into the best ways to engage with patients, the challenges that exist, and what expectations patients have from the pharmaceutical industry. Webinar attendees will learn how to identify the patient of the future and the actions that can be taken now to serve their needs.

The panel will include Lumanity Patient Engagement staff, members of the Expert Patient Council, the Patient Advisory Group, and others.

October 3, 2023
10:00-11:00am ET