Our Story

Lumanity was formed to bring together diverse perspectives and unique clinical, scientific, and functional expertise to uncover innovative, yet pragmatic approaches to address the complex set of challenges on the path to market.
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Our Focus

Learn more about why Lumanity came together to accelerate and unlock innovative new solutions for our clients. We have been illuminating new possibilities and driving impact for global clients for over 30 years.

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Diverse Problem Solvers

Our industry sits at a tipping point. The unprecedented growth of medical innovation is resulting in a diverse complex set of challenges on the path to market. The product development, market access, and commercialization models of the past are not suitable to allow humanity to realize the benefits of today’s extraordinary medical breakthroughs. Innovative therapies need innovative solutions.

Lumanity was formed to bring together diverse perspectives and unique clinical, scientific, and functional expertise to uncover innovative, yet pragmatic approaches to address these challenges.

Diverse industry experts

Lumanity brings together and builds upon a unique and diverse team of 1,200+ deeply experienced industry pioneers, data luminaries, subject matter experts, and proven problem-solvers from exceptional legacy organizations, including: Cello Health, BresMed, Guidemark Health, Cyan Health, Zipher Medical Affairs, and IE. Together, we are Lumanity.

With offices in North America, the United Kingdom, European Union, and Asia, and work conducted in over 50 countries, we work with nearly all of the top pharmaceutical companies and more than 100 biotech companies around the world. Every year, Lumanity supports over 50 payer submissions across 20+ countries, launch readiness and commercialization of over 80 brands and new indications, and numerous award-winning product campaigns.

Partnering with 24 of the top 25 global pharma companies
Scientists, communicators, researchers, strategists, storytellers, and problem-solvers with work conducted in over 50 countries
Supporting 100+ small, start-ups, and emerging biotechs
Credentialed scientists; PhDs, PharmDs and MDs providing a depth of understanding into cutting edge science

Meet our team

Meet the team that is bringing incisive thinking and decisive action to clients.
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Meet the people that illuminate new possibilities and help accelerate access to the treatments that transform lives.
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Our Foundations
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Bresmed is a foundational partner supporting biopharmaceutical clients with the strategy, evidence, and communication tools to help clients maximize the value of their products, guiding healthcare stakeholders worldwide in difficult decisions about resource allocation and access to new therapies.
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Cello Health
With capabilities highly complementary to BresMed, Cello Health helps clients to support better strategic decisions, generate robust data and evidence, and undertake advanced analytics to draw out critical insights, and support communication with a range of critical stakeholders.
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Recent Additions to the Lumanity Family
Guidemark Health logo
Guidemark Health
Guidemark Health is a leading healthcare marketing communications, training, and medical education agency, creating deeper and more impactful engagement solutions targeted to the scientific, medical, and patient communities.
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Cyan Health
Cyan Health identifies the critical challenges to access, develops the strategy needed for success, creates compelling communications for payers, and establishes how best to implement these in the field with payers.
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Zipher Medical Affairs
Zipher Medical Affairs works with life sciences companies to address their challenges, from setting up a medical affairs function to driving a product launch or optimizing the efficiency of a department or field team.
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IE, a Lumanity business
Innovative Edge
IE optimizes and accelerates global, regional, and local biopharma product launches utilizing its proprietary Launch EcoSystem™ solution, which combines IE’s launch team capabilities with its collaborative launch management platform Ignite™.
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