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Staying ahead of the curve in the pharmaceutical industry and developing truly patient-centric offerings requires not only innovative solutions but also a deep understanding of the intricate interplay of market trends, competitive landscape, and patient needs. Lumanity’s diverse blend of market researchers, behavioral scientists, digital specialists, data analysts, and creative specialists uncover insights and provide impactful strategic recommendations by combining trusted data, advanced technology, and human creativity.

Answer your most pressing questions across the product lifecycle with Lumanity’s powerful market research and analytic solutions.

We Can Help You With:

Elevate Your Research

Many of our projects will utilize a mix of methodologies and skills. Our experts work in partnership with you to develop the optimal solution to address your business challenge.

Digital Tools
Improve efficiency and outputs through our set of trusted, curated, and growing number of digital tools. Examples include: our online market research community platform, eVillage; AI; self-video ethnography; our web-based patient journey mapping tool, Pathway; eye tracking; sentiment analysis; and voice analytics.
Creative Studio Deliverables
Deliver maximum impact with access to our in-house design studio. Our creatives bring insights to life in a broad range of engaging deliverables, including infographics, interactive patient journeys, segment personas, patient videos, animations and microsites that drive action by fostering understanding and buy-in with internal stakeholders.
Diverse Expertise
We are able to enhance crafting of questions and honing of insight by drawing on 1,100+ connected staff with deep scientific and commercial expertise in asset and organizational strategy, HEOR, market access, clinical and regulatory, medical affairs, and medical communications, allowing for connected project teams best fit to building solutions and delivering outputs specific to your needs.

Our Impact

40+ Years
We've been elevating insights and solving our clients toughest challenges for over 40 years
200 Market Researchers
Master practitioners, digital specialists, innovation leads, field and compliance experts
60+ Markets
We work with a network of partners across 60 markets around the world

Our Work in Action

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We would love to hear your challenge and discuss how our team of market insight experts can help.

Nicola Cowland Global President, Insight
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Tom Atkinson Group Business Director, Insight
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Helen Blaszczok Head of Online Communities, Insight
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Damian Eade, Managing Director, Asset Optimization & Commercialization
Damian Eade Managing Director, Social Analytics, Insight
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Marie-Therese Eade Client Strategy Director, Insight
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Ed Geiselhart, Director at Lumanity
Ed Geiselhart Head of Experience First, Insight
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Duncan Munro Head of Quantitative, Insight
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Gareth Nicol, Group Business Director at Lumanity
Gareth Nicol Group Business Director, Insight
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Trish Schroeder Director, US Head of Qualitative, Insight
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Heike Tombrink MSSc Head of Germany, Insight
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Gracie van Kemenade, Group Director, Head of IQ Practice at Lumanity
Gracie van Kemenade Head of Quantitative, Insight
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Angela Wheeler President, Insight US
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Andrew Wood Head of Behavioral Science, Insight
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