Comparing Outcomes Pre- and Post-Cancer Drugs Fund
In this paper we look at the 18 appraisals that had entered and exited the CDF between June 2016 and April 2022 to provide insights on what manufacturers can expect from the CDF and to understand whether the CDF is operating optimally to resolve genuine uncertainty in submissions.
Whitepaper Oct 19, 2022
Defining the Course and Navigating the Finish Line
Medicine is more complex and barriers to access are expanding. Clinical guidelines, reimbursement pathways, and growing consumerism all influence access to medicine. There is a greater demand for data and transparency to help Providers, Payors, and Patients make informed decisions ensuring everyone wins. Medical Affairs generates evidence, develops a clear narrative, and delivers the information directly to the key decision makers who can remove those barriers to access...
Whitepaper Sep 6, 2022