Advancing Clinical Development by Strategically Leveraging Advisory Boards
One of the biggest challenges in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry today is achieving market expectations for a new approved therapy. Clinical development teams are laser-focused on regulatory approval. However, it is possible to gain approval and still experience a less than optimal commercialization due to changes in the therapeutic landscape, a lack of data for payer access, or a patient-averse regimen. Early incorporation of external advice into the development program decision process can reduce this risk and potentially improve commercialization.
Whitepaper Aug 11, 2023
A Practical Guide to Segmentation: What, who, why, and how?
This white paper delves deeper into the practicalities and nuances of stakeholder segmentation, allowing you to gain valuable insights that will empower you to determine and implement the right segmentation approach for your asset, brand, or portfolio.
Whitepaper Jul 5, 2023