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Patients are our purpose
Hear My Voice™ is our promise

The importance of the patient voice in the development of treatments and health services cannot be overstated. We believe that active and ongoing patient engagement will result in more effective and beneficial treatments, and ultimately help improve patient outcomes and overall health. Hear My Voice enshrines our commitment to weaving the voice of the patient into the fabric of new treatment development.

Our Patient-focused Solutions

Solutions informed by patients help drive better outcomes. Our patient-focused services support a range of needs across the entire medicine development pathway.

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Patient Center of Excellence

Lumanity’s Patient Center of Excellence brings together scientists, researchers, communicators, strategists, and change makers from across the organization to weave the patient and caregiver voice into everything we do. The Center of Excellence allows us to share best practices, drive innovation, and ensure we are providing our clients with industry-leading patient engagement and partnership. We believe this not only reflects our commitment to patients and to the advancement of patient-focused research, but that creating a dedicated forum for this work will lead to better treatments and improved outcomes.

Patient Council

Our Patient Center of Excellence has assembled a dedicated, patient-focused council that meets regularly to advise our teams on patient-related client questions, industry issues, and best practices. The Patient Council is comprised of patient advocates with rare diseases, chronic diseases, and cancer survivors, as well as digital opinion leaders and innovators from around the world. Each Council member has a unique perspective and expertise to provide lived patient perspectives and long-term patient viewpoints to help ensure drug development and patient support are fit for purpose.

Learn how you can benefit from the learnings and insights the Council shares.

Lumanity seems to be very mission driven, not alike many of the agencies out there which found patient engagement just to be a fashionable and lucrative business. There is too much talk and not enough walk out there, and you seem really determined to make a difference.
Greame Johnston RA patient, Lumanity Patient Bureau, and PFMD board member
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Jane Shirley, Global Practice Lead, Asset Optimization & Commercialization at Lumanity
Jane Shirley Global Practice Lead, Asset Optimization & Commercialization
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Tim Becker
Tim Becker PharmD EVP, Creative Scientific Solutions
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Ann-Marie Chapman
Ann-Marie Chapman VP Strategic Solutions, HEOR
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Susan Daniels
Susan Daniels Vice President, Patient Strategy and Engagement
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Martha Gauthier Director and Research Leader, Patient-Centered Outcomes
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Valarie Leishman
Valarie Leishman Lead Patient and Professional Stakeholder Services, Creative Strategy and Engagement
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Claire Mason
Claire Mason Director, Insight
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Nancy McGee JD, MPH, DrPH Senior Vice President, Health Policy and Public Payers
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Bobby Moy MA Managing Director, Clarion, a Lumanity Company
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Tanya Swift Associate Vice President, Client Engagement
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Maisie Weinschenk Account Director, Social Analytics, Insight
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Greg Wharton Senior Strategist, Leith, A Lumanity Business
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Angela Wheeler
Angela Wheeler President, Insight US
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