Medical Strategy & Communications

Empower Medical Affairs and Deliver Impact

Deliver effective medical strategies, cross-functional communication plans, and programs to connect with patients and providers. We focus on strengthening the bridge between clinical and commercial, drawing from our foundation of scientific knowledge, regulatory expertise, and industry experience. By promoting innovation and best practices through this multi-stakeholder approach, we can help your team maximize the value that you bring to both providers and patients.

Areas of Expertise

Medical Affairs

Our medical affairs programs are designed to help your team identify, analyze, and utilize actionable information. We can help you recognize the most critical insights from your in-house and field teams, and then capitalize on that knowledge to build your medical affairs plans, strengthen your engagement with thought leaders, and build cutting-edge data generation programs. Success in these areas allows the medical team to provide leadership and demonstrate maximum value to your brand and organization.


Today’s business environment is faced with more velocity and volume of data than ever before. You need incisive thinking to cut through the noise and enable your audience to quickly understand the value of your product. We blend innovative communications techniques and technologies, including AI, with unmatched expertise and value creation acumen to produce solutions that simplify the complex and enable our clients to make better, bolder decisions to maximize outcomes.

Omnichannel Network Engagement Experience (ONEE)

Scientific discovery is outpacing capacity to apply real-time knowledge and best practices in patient care. At the same time, healthcare professionals (HCPs) have never been more starved for time or inundated by noise. One-size-fits-all communication strategies are a thing of the past. Today’s HCPs require seamless, personalized journeys using relevant and impactful content across all channels, devices, and touchpoints. Learn more about Lumanity’s holistic end-to-end engagement solution, ONEE—built from the ground up to meet the diverse needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Patient Advocacy and Engagement

Patients and patient advocacy groups (PAGs) are no longer considered passive participants in our efforts. Instead, they desire inclusion and collaboration at every touchpoint of treatment development, from clinical trial protocols and peer review of research to creation of programs and initiatives intended for their use. We believe that active and ongoing patient engagement will result in more effective and beneficial treatments, and ultimately help improve patient outcomes and overall health. That’s why our patient advocacy and engagement strategies are so important to us—and to you.

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Michael Parisi MBA Global Practice Lead, Medical Strategy & Communications
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Erin Amato MS Executive Consultant, Medical Affairs
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Sam Barnes Senior Vice President, Growth Strategy
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Melissa Brunckhorst PhD Vice President, Medical Services, Communications
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Julie Cahill MD Vice President, Consulting and Medical Director Services
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Aree Cheshire PhD Vice President, Client Strategy, Communications
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Peg Crowley-Nowick PhD, MBA President, Medical Affairs Consulting and Head of Medical Affairs
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Susan Daniels
Susan Daniels Vice President, Patient Strategy and Engagement
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Eric Gustafson PhD Executive Consultant, Medical Affairs
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John Howley PharmD President, US Communications
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Wilson Joe PhD, CMPP Vice President, Medical Strategy, Communications
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Richard Marsham, President, Leith, a Lumanity business
Richard Marsham President, Leith
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Kathleen McConnell RPh, MBA, CMPP™ Managing Director, Communications
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Matthew Nowick Esq. General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Medical Affairs Consulting
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Marissa Poli
Marissa Poli Head of Workflow, Creative Strategy and Engagement
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Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Rodriguez Head of Content and Design, Creative Strategy and Engagement
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Suzann Schiller CMPP Strategic Collaborations, Medical Strategy & Communications
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David Schwartz PhD Chief Scientific Officer, Regulatory
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Juliet Simpson President, Stripe Communications
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Jackie Singley Head of Engagement, Creative Strategy and Engagement
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John Tarplee, President, UK Communications at Lumanity
John Tarplee President, UK Communications
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Karen Tountas PhD Vice President, Program and Account Management, Medical Affairs
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Steven M. Weisman PhD Global President, Clinical and Regulatory
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