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In a world where the velocity and volume of data can be overwhelming, it is essential that your strategy and plans effectively articulate your scientific breakthrough to enable healthcare providers, regulators, payers, and patients to understand the value of your product. At Lumanity we partner with our clients and work as scientific and business stewards to inform and guide strategic decision-making and implementation to bring meaningful innovations to patients.

We Can Help You:

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Scientific Stewards to Create Change:
  • Our strength is grounded in science, evidence, and cross-stakeholder insights. Our purpose is to work in partnership with our clients.
  • Our mission is to be indispensable scientific and business stewards, providing a depth of scientific knowledge across wide ranging therapy areas, including rare diseases.
  • From early development through to late commercialization, we can guide you throughout the product lifecycle.
  • We apply bold and innovative thinking to every challenge and are adept in developing highly creative solutions.
  • We move at a pace that matches our clients’ ambitions with the patients’ needs; our goal is to bring life-changing therapies to market.

Our Impact

We have long-standing client partnerships that span anywhere from 5 to 20 years—covering pre-clinical to post launch
We are pioneers in our field, with decades of diverse service- and client-side industry experience across our team. These include board level roles with healthcare advocacy organizations as well as other lead roles with professional industry standards organizations, such as ISMPP
When it comes to patient engagement, we are the experts you can rely on. We recently won an award from European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) for ‘best practices’ in patient engagement
Building a Rare Oncology Brand
A global biopharmaceutical company markets a topical treatment for dermatological manifestations of a rare lymphoma, which can look like many other skin conditions, making it very difficult to diagnose. As a result, patients may struggle for many years without an accurate diagnosis, resulting in a sense of frustration for both the patient and the healthcare professional, who may only see 1-2 patients each year with the condition. 
Case Study Feb 7, 2022
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Julia Ralston, Chief Business Officer and Global Practice Lead, Medical Strategy & Communications at Lumanity
Julia Ralston Chief Business Officer and Global Practice Lead, Medical Strategy & Communications
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Melissa Brunckhorst Vice President, Medical Services, Communications
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Aree Cheshire Vice President, Client Strategy, Communications
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Peg Crowley-Nowick, President, Medical Affairs at Lumanity
Peg Crowley-Nowick President, Zipher Medical Affairs
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Susan Daniels Vice President, Patient Strategy and Engagement
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John Howley President, US Communications
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Valarie Leishman Lead Patient and Professional Stakeholder Services, Creative Strategy and Engagement
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Richard Marsham President, Leith
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Marissa Poli Head of Workflow, Creative Strategy and Engagement
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Jennifer Rodriguez Head of Content and Design, Creative Strategy and Engagement
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John Tarplee, President, UK Communications at Lumanity
John Tarplee President, UK Communications
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Abegale Templar Vice President, Scientific Strategy, Communications
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