Inflation Reduction Act

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The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) brings significant changes to US healthcare policies, including provisions to address patient affordability concerns, allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and a redesign of the Medicare Part D benefit. Lumanity has a wealth of knowledge about policy, regulation, market access, integrated evidence planning, and RWE generation. We draw upon our unrivaled depth of expertise to guide you through key IRA provisions, identifying areas of potential impact, and developing solutions to increase confidence in decision-making.

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Shifting Costs, Shifting Opportunity: Understanding the Impact of IRA changes to Part D

The Inflation Reduction Act mandates a series of changes to the Part D program that will shift financial liability from patients to plans and drug manufacturers. Watch the on-demand webinar as we discuss the importance of understanding the implications of these changes to thrive in a post-IRA world.
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Our integrated approach combines US and global expertise with world-class technical teams to drive strategies and tactics to prepare products and portfolios for the IRA.

Global HTA Leadership
Leading research teams skilled in reviewing, synthesizing, and organizing comparative effectiveness and economic data for HTA and payer evaluations
Market Access Expertise
Teams with industry and payer market access, pricing, and contracting expertise to develop strategies and tactics that resonate
Strategic Planning Capabilities
Leading consultants with early asset planning expertise to guide products and portfolios to success
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