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The optimal path to market access is complex. You have to meet the demands of payers, meet the requirements that govern HTA submissions, and satisfy stakeholders at every turn. Lumanity illuminates a way forward. We’re the pharmaceutical market access and HEOR partner that helps you to uncover the full potential of your products so that you can demonstrate their value to stakeholders around the world.

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Our Impact

HTA submissions supported per year worldwide
Global markets in which we’ve supported HTA submissions and evidence development
Supported the first HTA submissions to NICE in I-O and CAR-T, and nearly 25% of all NICE highly specialized technology (HST) submissions to date
NICE appraisal meetings in which we represented our client partners
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Our Team

Rebecca Hyde Former Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Lumanity
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Ron Akehurst, Executive Chairman at Lumanity
Ron Akehurst BSc, DSc, MFPH Executive Chair, HEOR
Read more about Ron Akehurst
Richard Birnie PhD Head of Advanced Analytics, HEOR
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Ann-Marie Chapman
Ann-Marie Chapman VP Strategic Solutions, HEOR
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Shayna Egan MPH Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes
Read more about Shayna Egan
Christopher J Evans MPH, MPhil, PhD President, Patient-Centered Outcomes
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Brandon Foster PhD Director, Statistics & Psychometrics, Patient-Centered Outcomes
Read more about Brandon Foster
Martha Gauthier Senior Director and Research Leader, Patient-Centered Outcomes
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Amber Gilbert MBA Global Practice Lead, Value, Access & Outcomes
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Dan Gladwell PhD Chief Scientific Officer, HEOR
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Nate Johnson MPH Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes
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Jonathan Kowalski, Executive VP, Head of US HEOR at Lumanity
Jonathan Kowalski Executive Vice President, Head of US HEOR
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Sallie Latimer Head of HTA & Value Communications, HEOR
Read more about Sallie Latimer
Jeff Lee, VP, US Value Strategy and Services at Lumanity
Jeff Lee PharmD, FCCP Vice President, US Value Strategy and Services
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Chrissy Lowry, Head of Health Economics Analysis at Lumanity
Chrissy Lowry Head of Health Economics and Statistics, HEOR
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David Robinson SVP Commercial Strategy & Operations
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Neil Roskell MS Chief Practice Officer, Modeling and Analytics
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Brooke Witherspoon Senior Director of Research and Operations, Patient-Centered Outcomes
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