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Launch preparation and management are pivotal in the lifecycle of any brand. But with escalating complexity and pressure to ‘get it right the first time,’ the launch stakes have never been higher.

A compelling value proposition is essential but launch excellence success also depends on the quality of the strategy, organizational alignment, clarity of interconnected plans, and agile implementation across multiple teams and geographies.

Whether you are developing your differentiated winning pharma launch strategy or building a global launch roadmap to assure everything is in place at the right time, we can help. At Lumanity, we have the experience, technology solutions, and a proven launch ecosystem to set you confidently on the path to long-term success. Our experience and pragmatic approach to launch excellence will instill the right principles, processes, and competencies to maximize your asset potential and deliver a competitive advantage at launch.

Ignite™ - Pharma Launch Excellence Software

Tap into the Ignite insights you need for smart decisions and superior launch results

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Why Lumanity?
Depth and breadth of real-world experience across hundreds of launches
Depth and breadth of real-world experience across hundreds of launches: Our team live and breathe launch. For over 25 years, we have helped pharma and biotech teams navigate launch challenges across a multitude of therapy areas. We know what generates success – from T-60 to the management phase and beyond.
Proven ability to minimize cross-functional team alignment challenges
We regularly work in-depth across all of the functions involved in launch, with deep expertise in medical, access and commercial fields. We appreciate the complexity that cross-functional launch teams face and are skilled at fostering collaboration to enable confident team decision-making.
Fresh, agile, and pragmatic approach to launch implementation
Our approach revolves around our best-in-class, proprietary launch excellence platform Ignite. Developed and refined in partnership with our global client base, Ignite enables launch teams to anticipate and identify risk and to assess scenarios for their potential impact on launch success.
Launch excellence ecosystem
We nurture the entire launch ecosystem, applying expertise and knowledge across different launch archetypes and every aspect of launch planning, team, and organizational alignment.
We inspire
We are passionate about launch and what we can bring to your unique challenge. We will partner with you to unlock the full potential of your asset and launch teams.
What Our Clients Are Saying
I want to especially thank [Lumanity], who has been our partner in the development of the launch plan for the last 18 months, providing strategic support and acting as a critical friend. They've supported us every step of the way.
Global Brand Director
1 / 3
This [Launch archetype] model is simple, intuitive and will allow a mature dialogue between the region and countries at the right level of detail.
Commercial Excellence Lead
2 / 3
Before we had Ignite, we struggled through numerous spreadsheets. The great thing about having a partner in [Lumanity], is that we talk as a group, nail down what is key… this helps us to make smart decisions.
Senior Marketing Director
3 / 3
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