We know that effective collaboration across cross-functional and global/local launch teams is one of the critical elements to launch success – but teams often struggle to develop the right behaviors that foster a truly collaborative culture. Leadership styles too play a vital role, with research directing us away from ‘leading from the front’, towards a model that champions interdependent leadership and shared accountability.

“Being the best. Being creative. Being forward-thinking and being innovative. They’re always fantastic traits when you’re launching a medicine…the trouble with those traits and attributes is that when you boil them down to behaviour – it creates heroes, rather than collaborators.”

Ollie Roberts – Pharma Launch Expert

In our podcast episode, ‘Collaboration Mindset, Leadership, and the Value of a ‘Third Voice”, we explore how:

  • Heroic leadership styles can hinder collaboration when launching a product
  • Looking at your own behaviors and mindset can create the biggest catalyst for change in driving collaboration
  • External partners and a ‘third voice’ can be critical in your journey to fostering collaboration

Join Tracey Barnes, Vice President of Launch Excellence at Lumanity, and Ollie Roberts, a Pharma Launch Expert, as they share their experience and define the critical steps to becoming a more effective launch collaborator.

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