“… we’ve got our call to action, but what barrier or driver do we want to target to achieve that behavior change? This takes time to unpick and that’s where having insights before you start iterating can help. You’ve got the science, but then the art of campaign testing comes in because it looks at how you’re going to build on the science.”

Joel Shopland

In our latest Lumanity bitesize podcast, we explore how to avoid the common challenges and pitfalls encountered in communication testing research. We also share our experience of how best to apply a behavioral science lens to bring about stakeholder behavior change.

Our discussion includes:

  • The importance of evaluating concepts using the right criteria
  • Generating maximum impact using clear and simple ads that cut through the noise
  • Being vigilant that the insights being used are robust and precise – and ultimately fuel better campaign decisions
  • The importance of engaging with the target audience early and ensuring campaigns are designed around a common unmet need
  • Specificity required in bringing about behavioral change and how best to align to a clear communication objective

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Episode speakers

Rob Hopkins, Account Director

Delphine Duchateau, Director

Joel Shopland, Associate Director