Medical Affairs is going through a digital transformation. What this means, what it will look like, and what value it will bring to pharmaceutical and biotech companies is still unknown. In this third episode of our short form podcast series, we discuss this topic with Dan Hennessy, PhD. As the Vice President of Medical Affairs at Merus N.V., he has a wealth of Medical Affairs experience and insights. This conversation brings us further along in trying to understand the changes that are coming to the industry, and more specifically how it may affect clinical trial enrolment and engagement.

Podcast Series: Medical Affairs Unscripted

Hosted by Dr Peggy Crowley-Nowick, in Medical Affairs Unscripted we explore a range of topics related to the strategic role of medical affairs from the perspective of industry experts. Through these conversations with our guests we will share first hand experience to provide the listener with insights and knowledge about the evolving role of medical affairs.

Episode guest

Dan Hennessy, PhD
Vice President of Medical Affairs at Merus N.V.