In this podcast, we explore the rich potential of social media listening insights (SML). Specifically, how to interpret and act on findings for a tangible and positive impact on your commercial strategy.

Hear from Lumanity experts as they bring ‘SML impact’ to life through various real world examples. Topics include:

  • How SML best complements traditional research and data
  • How the agility, flexibility and insights from SML research are best harnessed to inform commercial decisions
  • Examples of how SML can reach conversation leaders – HCPs and patient advocates
  • The value for detecting commonalities and patterns, as well as perception changes over time
  • Ultimately, how to ensure your SML insights are actionable – and what not to do

Podcast speakers: Tom Markham, Associate Director, SML Insights | Erin O’Hare, Managing Consultant | Zoe Brown, Principal Consultant.

We devised a number of workshops that helped markets understand how [SML] data can be interpreted and be used to measure and inform their business strategy. They were reporting up to senior levels but they needed a framework to help them go from ‘we’re hearing this coming through’ – to ‘what does that mean and what can we interpret from it’.

Erin O’Hare

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