Strategy Consulting

Innovation in life sciences has reached unprecedented levels of complexity and risk. Advances in basic science, genetics, proteomics, and translational sciences have led to a proliferation of drug targets and candidates. Increasingly tailored for specific and narrower populations, these drugs challenge our existing economic and executional models for drug development and commercialization.

In parallel, health systems are struggling to absorb and pay for the cost of innovation as overall system costs rise due to aging populations, inflation, and increasingly challenging health needs that frequently require multi-modal approaches to treatment. Public and private payors continue to overhaul business models to respond and survive in this new environment. Patients, similarly, are being asked to bear a greater proportion of their healthcare costs, and as a result have become far more active and discerning consumers of the healthcare system.

Lumanity’s strategy capability blends essential cross-functional scientific, clinical, regulatory, and commercial perspectives to help our clients navigate the web of complex decisions and position their assets and organizations for success.

Strategy Consulting Expertise

Our asset and organizational strategy experts work across therapeutic areas and throughout the product lifecycle to develop strategic, fit-for-purpose solutions at the asset, portfolio, and corporate levels. From early asset/technology evaluations, all the way through to go-to-market strategy development, our experts help you set direction and transform ideas into action.

Our medical affairs programs are designed to help your team identify, analyze, and utilize actionable information. We can help you recognize the most critical insights from your in-house and field teams, and then capitalize on that knowledge to build your medical affairs plans, strengthen your engagement with thought leaders, and build cutting-edge data generation programs. Success in these areas allows the medical team to provide leadership and demonstrate maximum value to your brand and organization.

Achieve timely and successful healthcare product approvals/introductions, maximize market potential of existing products, comply with regulations, and defend products from science-based and regulatory challenges. Our clinical and regulatory experts provide scientific product stewardship to guide you and your counsel.

Early Innovation and Biotech Solutions

In the biopharma sector, expert advice is vital for shaping decisions in scientific innovation. Innovation of itself is not enough to drive value. Strategic planning is crucial to mitigate risks and demonstrate investment potential to stakeholders. Our biotech and innovation experts can help you build a sustainable growth strategy, elucidate your value proposition and competitive differentiation, and strengthen your valuation and communicate to investors and potential partners.