Insightful Solutions for Early Innovation

Companies across the biopharma sector, from emerging biotech to big pharma, need reliable expert advice to shape decisions in early scientific innovation and development

Biotech companies originate and drive drug discovery and medical innovation, feed commercial pipelines, and deliver better treatments and cures to patients. Today’s biotech’s R&D engine is strong. A recent Lumanity analysis shows that biotech continues to supply fuel for growth in the biopharma industry. An estimated 60% of the US clinical pipeline is driven by biotech innovation which continues to result in a bounty of approvals with cell and gene therapies gaining additional traction, making up ~15% of this pipeline.

The promise of innovation comes with significant challenges and risks. Biotech companies must match innovative boldness with brilliant strategy. For over 30 years, our scientists and strategists have partnered with biotech companies to employ thoughtful strategy to capital deployment to inflect value and demonstrate their investment-worthiness.

Our biotech and innovation experts can help you build a sustainable growth strategy, elucidate your value proposition and competitive differentiation, and strengthen your valuation and communicate to investors and potential partners.

We Can Help You With:

Deep knowledge across all therapeutic areas

The focus of our work closely mirrors the therapeutic area focus of today’s biopharmaceutical pipeline.

Lumanity’s expert consultants are scientifically trained (PhD or MS degrees) and/or possess significant experience in biotech or pharma and/or in relevant therapeutic areas.

Our consultants possess a combination of commercial, scientific, and clinical knowledge that enable comprehensive analyses and actionable recommendations.

Our dedication to early innovation

Lumanity is a proud sponsor of the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center (“PABC”) and is the preferred life sciences strategy advisors to its member companies. With this exclusive relationship, we are frequently at the B+Labs incubator in Philadelphia’s Cira Center, helping biopharma clients define and drive their corporate growth, product development, partnering and commercial strategies to accelerate innovative medicines to patients.

Client Testimonials
Lumanity’s BioConsulting team has been a key strategic partner for Carisma Therapeutics as we grow the company and progress our pipeline of first-in-class CAR-Macrophage therapies. The team brings a deep understanding of the evolving treatment landscape in oncology across different indications, technologies and modalities. From providing insight on indication selection to helping us define the TPP and development path for our lead program, they have supported us at each stage of development. They are flexible, responsive, and always customer focused.
Tom Wilton Chief Business Officer at Carisma Therapeutics
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As a small clinical stage biotech, we engaged the BioConsulting team for an important strategic project: to help us understand and select what solid and liquid tumor indications we should pursue in the clinical development of our lead program. They were real strategic partners to the ImCheck team, and we have been very impressed with their thorough understanding of the oncology market and their ability to clearly see what indications would be a best fit for our program based on the understanding of the science, unmet needs, and the complex competitive landscape in IO. We also appreciated their hard-working mindset and adjusting to our timeline needs. A team we will work with again.
Claude Knopf Chief Business Officer at ImCheck
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Lumanity’s BioConsulting team is a trusted partner, who has supported us in several strategic and scientific projects over the past years. The expert team continues to impress us with their ability to leverage in-depth scientific expertise and market knowledge to address complex projects. Their comprehensive network in the oncology field and close relationship with KOLs remains unparalleled.
Claudia Blattner Vice President, Business Development & Partnering at Immatics
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Our Impact
Years of providing unconventional insights and expert scientific and commercial life science advice from early-stage biotech companies to the largest global pharmaceutical companies.
Distinct projects across therapeutic areas (such as oncology / immuno-oncology, advanced therapeutics, autoimmune and inflammatory disease, CNS, CV/met, GI, etc.) in corporate and partnering strategy, platform and pipeline optimization, competitive landscaping, valuation, forecasting, and more.
Biotechnology and pharma clients, most of whom repeatedly reengage us for new projects as their programs and pipelines advance.
Billions $ / £ / €
Our insights, advice, and support contributed to our clients realizing billions in increased valuations, market capitalizations, financings, and/or through strategic transactions (licensing, M&A).
More than half of our work is with satisfied, repeat clients, and most of the other half are referred by our clients. We understand what drives and detracts from company valuations and development and commercial value. We deliver essential value for and build collaborative, rewarding and lasting relationships with our clients.
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Jeffrey Bockman, Executive Vice President, Head of Oncology Practice at Lumanity
Jeffrey M. Bockman PhD Expert Advisor, Executive Vice President, Oncology
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Ginger S. Johnson, President, US Consulting at Lumanity
Ginger S. Johnson PhD President, BioConsulting, Central Nervous System Co-Lead
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David Lomb PhD Vice President, Director of Consulting Services, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disease Co-Lead
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Danielle Marra, Principal at Lumanity
Danielle Marra MBA, MS Principal, Strategy Consulting, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disease Co-Lead
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Michael C Rice MS, MBA Expert Advisor, Senior Vice President, Cell and Gene Therapy
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Edward C. Saltzman Senior Strategic Advisor
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