Focus Area Oncology

The Client

  • Differentiated platforms for soluble TCRs, bifunctional TCRs, and TCR cell therapies.
  • Positioning could range across a variety of cancer types and settings, targeting various known and/or novel cell surface targets


  • Elucidate potential optimal paths forward: which targets and their best allied technologies (soluble or cell-based) for which indications to be pursued for an innovative but early-stage platform
  • Identification of key differentiating features of the platform within the context of extant unmet needs and the rapidly evolving competitive landscape


  • Vetting nature of targets and their supporting data to align with tumor setting, and value proposition for soluble biologic versus cell therapy
  • Undertook extensive analytics to identify potential targets, modality and indications–and developed customized scoring criteria
  • Provided support and insight to underpin relevant scientific, clinical, and commercial considerations

Valued Outcome

  • Provided a well-supported tool to identify most attractive targets and indications to be pursued
  • Enabled ability to generate rank-ordered lists & diversified suite of candidates associated with alternative corporate priorities such as spee to market, attractiveness to potential partners, or competitive gaps
  • Subsequent deals have been done around the programs we helped prioritize