Work performed by Clarion, now part of Lumanity


Our client, an innovative biotech that recently scaled-up globally to launch its first product, was experiencing significant growth challenges related to developing strategy, setting priorities, and aligning on and executing key tactics. In addition, the medical team was relatively nascent to the organization and spread very thin across many initiatives, resulting in a lack of clear prioritization and difficulty communicating their value to the organization.

We were engaged by the global medical team to support developing and clearly articulating the global medical strategies for multiple late-stage clinical assets and its initial marketed product.


We worked with the global medical team for each program to define the overarching therapeutic area medical strategy and key priorities. More specifically, we worked with each therapeutic area global medical team to identify opportunities to leverage and challenges to mitigate within the areas of evidence generation and dissemination, scientific / medical education, and patient identification, among others.

Leveraging our deep scientific expertise, we conducted landscape analyses to understand the future diagnostic and treatment environment in each therapeutic area and identify implications for our client’s medical strategies. We facilitated sessions with each of the therapeutic area global medical teams to articulate their strategic imperatives and develop a framework to evaluate and prioritize the set of initiatives that would most effectively drive the strategy and deliver value for the organization.

Global Medical Strategy for Multiple Therapeutic Areas

  • Situation assessment, including key issues (e.g., data gaps)
  • Medical strategy, including key focus areas/imperatives
  • Prioritized initiatives, including (but not limited to) evidence generation and scientific dissemination plans, stakeholder engagement, and educational programs


The global medical team gained support from executive leadership for their clearly articulated, insights-driven, and forward-looking strategic plans. More importantly, the global medical team was able to provide additional value to the organization by establishing a medically-informed situation analysis and strategic implications that set a strong foundation for brand strategy development.

Expertise utilized:

  • Deep expertise in rare diseases: Our ability to deeply understand client’s disease areas and patient needs allowed us to envision the future market context and dynamics
  • Unique knowledge of medical affairs role: We blend our scientific expertise and deep-rooted understanding of the medical affairs function to develop strategies that address the dynamics of an evolving marketplace from a medical perspective
  • Organizational impact: Our ability to facilitate internal stakeholder engagement and gain buy in around clear priorities enabled cross-functional and senior executive alignment