Focus Area Neuroscience

The client

An emerging biotech company with a novel platform to modulate T-cells, potentially enabling a reset of the immune system and restoration of immune homeostasis.


With the platform technology optimized, the company faced pressure to select indications for initial development.  Although the scientific team identified a short-list of potential development paths, there was a strong desire to gain an external perspective to ensure that the most appropriate indications were selected that could provide quick validation of the platform while also being strategically attractive from clinical development and commercial perspectives.  Furthermore, the company sought optionality as it wanted the flexibility to develop some indications that would be attractive to potential partners as well as other indications where a go-it-alone approach would be feasible.


Lumanity formed a rich collaboration with the company and addressed the business challenges by:

  • Partnering with the CSO and CMO to gain a deep understanding of the company’s platform and capabilities
  • Leveraging our proprietary and carefully curated autoimmune and inflammatory disease catalogue of >150 diseases to identify all potentially relevant T-cell mediated diseases
  • Evaluating and ranking indications based on a bespoke set of criteria considering scientific, clinical, commercial, and strategic considerations
  • Using the output of the indication prioritization process to create an early clinical development roadmap and Board deck supporting recommendations for go-it-alone and partnering strategies

Valued outcome

Provided a robust and well-supported evaluation and scoring tool as a legacy resource that can be refreshed as needed or reviewed to support dialogue with potential partners
Clear recommendations and supporting rationale for the most attractive indications to meet strategic development needs, including identification of two indications not already considered by the scientific team
Supported the creation of an early development strategy and roadmap balancing time, value, cost and risk to build the initial pipeline and generate significant near- and long-term value