Worked performed by Clarion, now part of Lumanity


Our client, a high-growth biotech with multiple marketed rare disease products, aimed to define a global, cross-functional annual brand planning process to ensure strategies continue to be based on deep market insights, rigorous strategic thinking, thoughtful trade-offs/prioritization, and strong cross-functional collaboration and alignment. Our client sought to establish a dynamic strategic planning process and develop deliverables that would consider the company’s future portfolio and competitive position while remaining relevant in a rapidly evolving marketplace.


We worked with a cross-functional client team to envision an integrated brand planning process for their rapidly evolving business model as a major player in highly competitive global markets. In order to ensure alignment across commercial, medical, and market access, we considered how to incorporate complex planning and executional differences at the global, regional, and country-level as we developed our brand planning process solution. We helped craft an integrated brand planning process that was designed to enable strategic thinking, drive cross-functional integration and alignment, balance global consistency and local adaptation, integrate with enterprise-wide business processes, and foster efficient decision-making. We also leveraged deep prior experience in defining brand planning processes, as well as supporting brand planning execution, to provide benchmarks and analogues for consideration. Upon defining the brand planning process, we supported its rollout, pilot, and communication across the company.

Global Integrated Brand Planning Process

  • Integrated, brand planning process design (from situation assessment through strategic and tactical planning) including: key milestones, input and outputs, roles and responsibilities, lexicon, milestone meeting agendas and integration points with other core business processes (e.g., long range planning, workforce planning, annual budgeting)

Brand Planning Supporting Resources

  • Global, regional, and country-level brand plan content guidance and core templates
  • User reference guide for stakeholders to set expectations and clarify individual roles and accountabilities throughout the process
  • Project Manager tools (e.g., scoping worksheet, timeline for proactive milestones meeting scheduling)


Designing an integrated brand planning process enabled our client to create more insight-driven, focused, and cross-functionally aligned strategic and tactical plans across brand teams and geographies. An internal survey of brand planning participants and stakeholders reported highly positive feedback on the brand planning process design, brand plan content guidance and core templates, and overall results of the first planning cycle.

Expertise Utilized

  • Cross-disciplinary expertise: Our broad expertise across scientific/clinical, medical, commercial, and corporate functions enabled a highly tailored solution across all stakeholders
  • Deep scientific expertise in rare diseases: Our deep understanding of the client’s disease area and patient needs allowed us to envision the future market context and dynamics
  • Organizational impact: Our ability to work across functions within this client helped to drive alignment across stakeholders including senior management