Case Studies

Supporting a Top-15 Biopharmaceutical Company with Strategy Development to Maintain a Leadership Position
An established pharmaceutical company with a strong immunology portfolio was looking to build consensus and alignment around a forward-looking strategy to maintain their leadership in immunology. Discover how we helped our client define an immunology strategy by prioritizing the most compelling disorder and technology platform opportunities and building alignment among cross-functional stakeholders to drive the unified strategy for the mid- to long-term.
Case Study Nov 20, 2023
Aiding Investment Decisions in Neurology-Focused Clinical Research and Site Management Organizations
Our client was evaluating an investment in neurology CROs and SMOs and needed to understand the implications of investing in each type of organization, as well as the current and future neurology clinical development landscape, how CROs and SMOs support neurology-focused clinical trials, and drivers and barriers of the evolution of neurology clinical development. Learn how Lumanity helped.
Case Study Oct 30, 2023