Focus Area Inflammation & Immunology

The client

A mid-size pharmaceutical company experiencing declining sales for a core anti-inflammatory product sought to reorganize its field force structure to optimize brand market share.


The client needed to understand which aspects of their current field force were and were not working, and how misallocated resources could be restructured to optimize sales. The client was interested in exploring other field force structures to see which options might best fit the needs of their asset to best support business in the immediate- and long-term.


We identified options for a robust range of salesforce structures by investigating business trends, conducting cross-functional workshops across support teams, and evaluating field team roles and workloads.

We built out and prioritized leading salesforce structure options, based on key segments of business and opportunities across these segments (e.g., virtual leads, in-person Contract Sales Organization (CSO) teams, and TA sub-teams). Options were also grounded in anticipated future sales scenarios.

Subsequently, we created a framework to evaluate the leading option set by examining salesforce sizing, SG&A savings, potential revenue risks & upsides, and the qualitative considerations for each leading option.

Valued outcome

A robust set of salesforce options were identified along with a prioritization of leading options
The evaluation of financial and qualitative implications for leading options to support client decision-making at C-suite leadership level
A framework provided for the ultimate implementation of the model