Accelerating Cell and Gene Therapy Commercialization

The promise and pace of cell and gene therapy innovation is hugely exciting and continues to accelerate. The nature of these advances, however, creates unique development, value demonstration, and commercialization challenges. The practical components of progressing cell and gene therapies to launch and optimizing commercial success require equally innovative solutions across everything from indication selection and development strategy, to supply chain and patient access.

We have the experience to navigate the complex journey into and across clinical development, and through the commercial launch planning window and beyondoffering expert guidance and solutions that put you on a clear path to delivering value and changing patients’ lives.

We can help you:

Our expertise
  • Deep science and commercialization know-how: Underpinned by our expertise in the cell and gene therapy field, our global, diverse, and deeply experienced team advises on all aspects of asset development, market access and value, and brand commercialization
  • Fresh perspectives: We help you go beyond the obvious, unlocking the potential of your asset and ensuring confident strategy endorsed by critical stakeholders
  • Hand-picked experience: We bring a blend of consulting, industry, and scientific expertise, tailored to address your unique challenge
  • Best in class tools, techniques, and co-creation expertise: We are experts in maximizing value, consensus, and critical outputs in stimulating workshop and co-creation environments
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Jane Ayton Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Partnerships
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Mike Kelly, Principal at Lumanity
Mike Kelly Vice President, Strategy Consulting
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Michael C Rice MS, MBA Expert Advisor, Senior Vice President, Cell and Gene Therapy
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Edward C. Saltzman Senior Strategic Advisor
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Keitel Suri Vice President, Strategy Consulting
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