Developing a framework to identify and evaluate the current and future bioethical considerations likely to influence cell therapies’ acceptance and adoption; to ensure an appropriate lexicon is created around the client’s cell therapies development program that presents best to the external stakeholder environment


The client’s key objective was to establish a robust bioethical framework that captured both current and future drivers and used insights to develop a baseline lexicon – the dos and don’ts for the organization to adhere to when talking about its cell therapies development program


  • We synthesized client-led cell therapy assessments and developed bioethical framework hypotheses
  • We created an initial lexicon after an overview of the current trends of the cell therapy landscape and projections of future viewpoints
  • We then further refined the lexicon through data-driven insights and analytics to optimize intelligent decision-making, creating a baseline lexicon for the organization


A robust framework
A validated, robust bioethical framework – nuances seen in sub-categories and underlying drivers by stakeholder type identified through artificial intelligence (AI)-driven social media listening analysis
Validated research
Primary market research (PMR) – framework validation and gaining a 5-year future viewpoint
A new lexicon
A new baseline lexicon underpinned by 5 core themes, incorporating the dos and don’ts of language so the client can present itself and its program in the best way (considering the wider cell therapy field and mixed news in this still relatively new field)