Pharma Launch Excellence Software

How do you launch smarter and faster?

Intuitive, collaborative pharma launch excellence software

Assess and manage your launch plan in real-time with Ignite™. Connect and support your launch teams with a platform that enhances visibility across the launch strategy and plan. Create opportunities for deep cross-functional team discussions with clear, informed, and dynamic decision-making tools so that you can deliver medicines to patients sooner. Tap into the Ignite insights you need for smart decisions and superior launch results. 

The Lumanity team have implemented sophisticated functionality in Ignite, but they keep it simple and intuitive for our users, which is important to improve our launch journey
Senior Director, Global Commercial Excellence
1 / 3
Ignite is brilliant for managing your launch. It allows clear visibility against each of the deliverables so that the team can ensure everything is set up correctly.
Launch Lead
2 / 3
I've had a great experience with the [Lumanity] team. They are super responsive and provide great guidance on developing our launch plan within the Ignite tool.
Global Market Access
3 / 3
How can Ignite pharma launch excellence software help me?
Dynamic launch planning
Effortlessly view and manage your organization's launch planning in real-time. Capture key questions and escalation points, and report progress in one system.
Single source of truth
Ensure you are working with the latest launch information and avoid duplication.
Insightful KPIs
Align and track the progression of your pre-launch and launch KPIs so that you can easily measure launch readiness and performance.
Read more about pharma launch KPIs
Transparent decision-making tools
Enhance decision-making and drive best practices with a suite of exportable dashboards and configurable reports. View information at an asset or portfolio level to assess launch readiness, risk, and resourcing challenges.
Manage risk, contingency, and scenario planning
Review the impact of different decisions and their potential effect on key launch timelines. Capture risk and create mitigation plans using our robust risk management tools.
Launch project plan frameworks and brand templates
Create simple, pragmatic cross-country or therapy launch project plans using our industry best practice launch excellence frameworks. Or work with us to develop your own templates.

Ignite: Practical, safe, secure

Scalable, collaborative, real-time. Automatic access to the latest features powered by our Technology Center of Excellence.
TLS security. Single-sign-on (SSO) authentication. Data encryption at rest and in transit.
Launch plans that reflect your business. Reports that capture your information needs. Personalized profiles to manage your user permissions.
One place
All work streams, projects, and departments are accessible in one system.
Lead the way with Lumanity's comprehensive approach to launch excellence

Fuel productivity and enhance decision-making with Lumanity’s comprehensive approach to launch excellence. From IND and early stage, to maximizing post-launch uptake — we can help you on your whole launch journey.

Draw on Lumanity’s specialist expertise to help you:

  • Define, assess, manage, and report on your entire launch program
  • Develop your winning launch proposition and strategy
  • Establish high-performing launch teams with collaborative working practices

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