Real World Evidence

The data landscape is complex and evolving rapidly. The expanding number of data types and sources, the advancement of technology-driven solutions, and the increasing demand for richer and more targeted data with therapeutic area and outcomes focus is providing new opportunities to navigate the increasingly complex path to market. We help our clients identify fit-for-purpose real world data and design studies to generate the strongest evidence to meet stakeholder needs.

We Can Help You:

Your Data Luminaries

Data sources we can query and analyze
Data Pragmatism
Data neutrality and experience to select the most fit-for-purpose data products
Methodological Rigor
Highest standards of HIPAA/GDPR compliance, research/regulator grade data, and analytics
Staff with expertise spanning HEOR, medical communications, payer strategy, market access, clinical and regulatory strategy, commercialization, and launch excellence
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Gema Parlange, Chief Commercial and Development Officer at Lumanity
Gema Parlange MBA, MEcon Chief Commercial and Development Officer, and Global Practice Lead, Real World Evidence
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Anthony Guethert Chief Technology Officer, Real World Evidence
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Lisa Kerber Senior Vice President, Global Real World Evidence Strategy
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Jonathan Kowalski, Executive VP, Head of US HEOR at Lumanity
Jonathan Kowalski Executive Vice President, Head of US HEOR
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Pete Pancione MBA Vice President, Real World Evidence Provider Engagement
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Dan Simpson MS Senior Vice President, European Real World Evidence Strategy
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