Shaping the market (as part of a wider go-to-market [GTM] strategy) to fully appreciate the value that a gene therapy asset can bring, and working across a matrixed organization to develop, implement, and track a launch commercialization plan to address GTM market-shaping objectives (T-24 months to launch)


The therapy area in question had seen relatively limited innovation and a resultant degree of market stagnation. Prescribers and patients seemed willing to accept the current status quo of treatment – even the most severely affected patients, who needed frequent visits to treatment centers.

Our task was to work with the client’s global, cross-functional team to ensure the market would be ready and excited for the launch of potentially life-changing asset.


We initially conducted a multi-stakeholder primary market research study that focused on current treatment trends, dynamics and unmet needs. We used this to define key market-shaping objectives, accompanied by the desired stakeholder belief shifts. 

We then undertook extensive organizational engagement to support the development of global implementation plans that would address the defined objectives.


  • Well-defined GTM market-shaping objectives, internally aligned both globally and cross-functionally
  • Separate global functional plans across public affairs; policy and access; communications; medical affairs (including a focus on medical education); marketing
  • Fully integrated cross-functional market-shaping plan, informed by cross-plan review and gap analysis
  • Implementation plan tracking, leveraging proprietary launch planning software (T-24 months to launch)