Formalizing the development of an annual EMEA strategic and tactical brand-plan process for a rare-disease-focused gene replacement therapy that integrated commercial and financial organizational needs; engaged regional/global functions and market leaders; and provided an efficient framework for timely commercial strategy discussions and decision making 


The client’s key objective was to map out a process for planning that was efficient, inclusive, consolidated key insights, and provided a logical flow of the engagement with supporting information and templates


Our workstream focused on:

  • Outline of a process flow, development of timelines, mapping of necessary organizational deliverables, and alignment across global, regional, and local levels
  • Development of a regional strategic plan comprising situational analysis drivers, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, and strategy elements
  • Development of market templates to support in-year financial forecast updates, alongside country-level annual strategic plan proposals with tactical investment submissions
  • A supporting communications plan to inform and engage the organization throughout the process


Strong regional strategy
A regional strategic plan endorsed by the client’s senior leadership
Consistent market plans
Market plans with greater consistency in desired information and insights, to better evaluate launch commercialization plans
Transparent framework
Increased transparency and a framework for positive challenge; the client is now better able to assess if a clear ‘line of sight’ is shown from the situational overview to proposed strategy and patient opportunity capture