Focus Area Inflammation & Immunology

The client

An emerging biotech company with two clinical stage assets focused on inflammatory diseases preparing for a Series B funding round.


The client needed to demonstrate the value of both assets to investors. To demonstrate that value, the client was interested in developing a clear value proposition, contextualized into projected market landscapes to show clear differentiation. The goal was to demonstrate concise scientific rationale behind the assets to convince investors that the client company would maximize Return on Investment (ROI).


We reviewed existing materials including past presentations, publications, and preliminary clinical data.

We met with the CEO and scientific founders to better understand the supporting data/potential differentiation to bolster the differentiation story and simplify the scientific rationale.

Lastly, we developed a presentation through several iterations to clarify key questions, enhance value story, and to communicate the value to investors.

Valued outcome

A clear and compelling presentation was delivered with the scientific rationale and differentiated mechanism of action for both assets
A concise value story was developed to drive home asset value drivers
A presentation of a defined business case for the emerging company seeking to raise ~$90M in Series B was delivered