Case Studies

Supporting a Pharma Company with Lifecycle Management Strategy
The commercial development team of an established pharma company with two late-stage trials for expansion indications of a marketed product for a rare inflammatory disease required broad support for lifecycle management (LCM) activities. Learn how we helped our understand how to utilize an established salesforce to effectively navigate additional disease areas.
Case Study Nov 13, 2023
Supporting a Top-15 Biopharma Company with Brand Development Through Scenario Planning for CNS Agents
A top-15 biopharmaceutical company with an early-stage Central Nervous System (CNS) therapy had established two anticipated launch scenarios: accelerated and delayed timelines. They needed to create a brand plan that was built on a foundational understanding of the current disease area, market needs, and competitive landscape, while integrating alternative launch scenarios inclusive of regulatory hurdles to maximize preparedness. Learn how Lumanity helped.
Case Study Oct 16, 2023