Focus Area Neuroscience

The client

A top-15 biopharmaceutical company with an early-stage Central Nervous System (CNS) therapy had established two anticipated launch scenarios: accelerated and delayed timelines.


The client needed to create a brand plan that was built on a foundational understanding of the current disease area, market needs, and competitive landscape, while integrating alternative launch scenarios inclusive of regulatory hurdles to maximize preparedness.


Our team assessed drivers and barriers across the patient journey and competitive landscape to determine insights and gaps for accelerated and delayed launch scenarios. We derived strategic imperatives, working with the core team to determine the best strategy that would successfully navigate the current environment.

We provided tactical planning support across cross-functional team to execute on strategic imperatives and associated implementation objectives across both launch scenarios. In addition, we developed an integrated evidence generation plan by reviewing strategic imperatives and aligning on evidence gaps and cross-functional tactical plans and timelines.

Finally, our team developed a brand plan by iteratively working with the client’s brand lead to clearly and effectively communicate the brand message to key stakeholders.

Valued outcome

Definition of strategic imperatives required for the client to win in both accelerated and delayed timeline scenarios
Tactical plan elucidated across launch scenarios to clearly articulate sales strategy
A cohesive brand plan created for each launch scenario that supports strategic imperatives guiding cross-functional activities for successful launch