Focus Area Neuroscience

The client

A commercial-stage specialty biopharmaceutical company with an EMA-approved seizure rescue medication sought to launch the product in an existing, competitive, and growing, US market.


The client needed to understand the current market landscape in the US epilepsy space and the product opportunity within that context. To launch in the US, the client needed a roadmap that associated strategic priorities with the capabilities required for successful commercialization in order to appropriately scale up their organization and maximize impact of their sales and medical teams.


We assessed the market landscape by engaging key clinical and economic stakeholders to understand current market dynamics and predicted evolution, anticipated product utilization, and benchmark pricing. We then evaluated the commercial opportunity of the product by estimating the addressable patient population and peak potential US product opportunity, integrating key adoption factors.

Our then team built a robust commercialization roadmap leveraging our experience, discussions with key internal stakeholders, and research insights, in order to outline key milestones and deliverables, activities, interdependencies, and critical decisions.

Subsequently, we defined capability and investment requirements based on the commercialization roadmap and Lumanity benchmarks, identified preliminary capability needs, assessed gaps within existing capabilities, and scaled-up requirements to serve as a starting point for commercialization efforts.

Valued outcome

Lumanity primary research and analysis enhanced the client’s understanding of the market landscape and informed development of the high-level assessment of the potential US market opportunity for the product
Launch decision-making guided by the creation of a commercialization roadmap
Provided concrete recommendations on capability requirements and investments needed to address existing gaps within the company and scale-up requirements to effectively commercialize within the US