Focus Area Inflammation & Immunology

The client

An early-stage biotechnology company was developing an immune-modulating product. The company was creating an optimal clinical development strategy for multiple indications.


The client needed to understand the treatment landscape among three possible indications, and where their asset could provide value in each treatment space. To determine which indication to pursue, the client needed to understand the opportunity for their asset, integrating asset value drivers, unmet needs in each indication, and market sizing and projections.


Our team gauged the opportunity in chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGVHD) for a novel mechanism of action (MoA) agent by leveraging our internal hematologist-oncologist databases, accounting for a variety of different scenarios to yield a robust assessment.

We explored three autoimmune indications to understand unmet need, competitive landscape, and overall opportunity for the immune modulating product.
We then synthesized our findings and recommendations, including high-level commercial opportunity in cGVHD, and recommended prioritization strategies and considerations.

Valued outcome

Indication market landscape mapped out to understand implications for the client’s product
Prioritized indications within the cGVHD space, including risks for clinical trial design and go/no-go decision-making
High-level commercial opportunity identified to understand value of the therapy, allowing the client to balance investment requirements for commercialization