The Client

A team consisting of a Head of Regulatory Affairs, a Head of Research & Development, a Pharmacovigilance team, and research scientists within a biopharmaceutical company with a newly FDA-approved drug, focused on developing additional therapies across a spectrum of indications.

The Challenge

To ensure stakeholders were aware of potential safety risks associated with their approved drug, and to study up to date on scientific studies exploring specific biological pathways relevant to their current and future development plans.

The Approach

Developed a tailored and comprehensive literature monitoring strategy to keep all stakeholders informed of the latest and relevant science. Leveraging our proprietary technology, we established a weekly email alert for all team members, delivering a curated list of new literature abstracts along with links to the full text articles.

The Outcome

By implementing this solution, the stakeholders experienced a significant reduction in the time needed for monitoring the literature. Instead, they were able to devote significantly more time to reading, analyzing, and assessing the impact of the science on their business. Furthermore, all monitoring results are securely stored in a cloud-based and searchable database, allowing stakeholders remote and on-demand access to the literature repository.

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