Solutions Insight

Business challenge

In preparation for the launch of their novel RSV vaccine across the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, China, and Brazil, our client needed to create:

  • A global HCP segmentation solution, highlighting priority patient segments
  • A position statement that communicated the unique value of the client’s RSV vaccine while maintaining appeal to priority segments
  • A creative campaign aimed towards motivating healthcare practitioners (HCPs) to strongly recommend, stock and/or administer the client’s RSV vaccine over competing vaccines

Our approach

Our expert team used a multi-workstream approach to inform the wide-ranging research objectives:

  • Global qualitative and quantitative segmentation research, including multiple workshops to arrive at a segmentation solution, typing tool, and videos to bring segments to life
  • Brand workshops to further hone positioning territories
  • Global qualitative positioning research to identify the strongest positioning territory
  • Global vaccine branding research to capture the brand archetype/personality/essence, to take forward to brand launch
  • RSV client workshop with key internal stakeholders to socialize positioning findings and refine final positioning statement
  • Global qualitative RSV concept testing, informed by positioning insights

“Thank you for your strategic partnership and your commitment to our business. You showed up as professional and credible partners, and we accomplished exactly what we needed to accomplish. Because the story was so solid, we were able to bring the team along and have a very productive workshop. Job well done!”

Global Insights Director

Valued outcome

Strategic partnership
By forming a partnership early in the launch preparedness research cycle, Lumanity became more than just a research vendor; the team provided insight and input during strategic workshop with internal stakeholders and creative agency partners
Insights across multiple workstreams
Beyond identifying key segments and positioning solutions, Lumanity provided value by understanding the full market context, stakeholder needs, and therapeutic area considerations, given leadership across multiple research engagements