Historically, small Biotech companies have relied on deals with large Pharma to take their products to market, but Pharma appetite for deals has diminished significantly. The Biotech pipeline today has an unprecedented number of late-stage unpartnered clinical candidates, >100 in the US alone. More than ever before, investors for these companies must pursue a different kind of exit: commercialization. This is challenging enough for any pre-commercial company, but especially those focused on intensely competitive arenas, ultra-rare disease populations, and/or novel paradigms of treatment.

In this, the first installment in Lumanity’s First-time Commercializer webinar series, Ed Saltzman and Dennis Chang will sit down to discuss:

  • What we know about the situation based on our cutting-edge analytics and our work with both Biotech and Pharma clients
  • Key challenges and themes that first-time commercializers face
  • The need for commercial innovation around late-stage unpartnered candidates

Subsequent installments in the series will parse through these data, focusing on the state of play and unique considerations for first-time commercializers entering crowded and/or genericized markets, novel/first-time indications, and those developing complex and costly advanced (cell, gene) therapy modalities.

Presenter details

Ed Saltzman, Senior Strategic Advisor, Lumanity

Dennis Chang, Managing Director, Clarion, a Lumanity Business