Today’s precommercial biotech companies need to think with the end in mind, from the beginning. The end meaning – a product’s commercial value. An exponential increase in commercial risk means that generating promising phase III data may be insufficient to achieve a licensing deal or exit with large pharma. Pharma and investors’ standards have grown more discerning, underscoring the need for product developers to apply a commercial lens from the outset in order to formulate a viable commercial strategy and substantiate the opportunity.

Indeed, M&A transactions are increasingly executed only after commercial success has been demonstrated for marketed products; this is especially true for those deemed by large pharma to be burdened with some degree of commercial risk. Applying the commercial lens earlier for products entering crowded therapeutic classes/indications or with genericized standards of care is even more crucial to ensure a successful launch and beyond.

Join us for the second installment of our First-time Commercializer webinar series, where we will lead discussions with industry executives who have navigated the complex realm of first asset commercialization in crowded markets, looking into strategies that garner attention from investors, payers and strategic partners. We will also explore key success factors and learnings during clinical development stage, the cultivation of favorable market conditions, and the characteristics of a truly viable product from a commercial standpoint.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in an invigorating discussion around first time commercialization!