Recorded by Cello Health BioConsulting, now part of Lumanity

A fireside chat between Scorpion Therapeutics’ CEO Axel Hoos and Lumanity’s Executive Vice President, Head of Oncology Practice, Jeff Bockman.

The convergence of science AND technology that can be integrated for faster and more selective targeting of genetic alterations in cancer cells while sparing wild-type cells, may provide a more consistent approach to optimized small molecule discovery and development. Highly selective chemical matter directed against genetic targets may widen the therapeutic window of drugs through improved dosing, and stronger pathway inhibition thus achieving desired safety and efficacy profiles. Further, previously undruggable and more common cancer targets may become druggable and offer broader applicability of precision medicines. Finally, combinability of novel highly-selective small molecule drugs with other modalities such as immuno-oncology (IO) agents may be improved and give opportunity for benefit to wider patient populations.