Episode 4 of the Therapeutic Science and Strategy Podcast Series recorded by Lumanity

In this fourth episode, Joel sits down with Jeff Bockman, Executive Vice President and Head of Oncology at Lumanity, and Michael Curran, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Immunology, The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, to explore:

• The effort to develop agents for the CPI resistant/refractory patients. Where do we biologically and clinically stand with this concept?

• Whether IO remains a “spaghetti against the wall” approach, and what are we doing/can we do to drive more thoughtful programs forward, or more programs forward thoughtfully?

• Thoughts about how Immuno-Oncology companies specifically should weather the current biotech winter

Podcast Series: Therapeutic Science and Strategy

In this podcast series, Joel Sandler, Principal, Cancer Cell Therapy Lead, sits down to talk about relevant and important content.