Focus Area Oncology

The Client

  • Venture-backed pre-commercial biotech
  • Novel MOA with two potentially distinct paths to market
  • Direct anticancer strategy
  • One based on the agent’s immunomodulatory anticancer effects


  • PC data suggest the small molecule can provide both inhibition of a common cell signaling pathway terminal kinase and may have a role in regulating T cells and their recruitment for effector function
  • Identification of optimal indications based on PoC, timing to value inflection, and partnerabilty


  • Systematic approach to prioritizing indications based on clinical and commercial risks and attractiveness
  • Opportunity assessment on top indications to determine best positioning (including biomarker-driven strategy) to inform target product profile development
  • 10-year market forecast for direct comparison between top indications

Valued Outcome

  • Provided client ability to strategize portfolio by triaging indications and identified new indications that were not previously championed internally
  • Provided optimal registrational settings and clinical development strategies to inform partnering discussions which led to formation of a clinical collaboration with a large biopharmaceutical entity
  • Advanced clinical trials are ongoing