Focus Area Corporate Partnering & Strategy

The Client

  • US-based venture-backed (post-Series A) preclinical-stage biotech company with a gene editing platform for neuromuscular, cardiovascular and CNS diseases


  • The client needed to understand and position its value proposition and differentiation, team-build, and align on value-inflecting path for early platform validation and indication prioritization and partnering strategy
  • To raise its Series B, the client needed to path-set for use of proceeds and optimal value-inflection


  • Elucidated relevant competitive landscape and company benchmarks
  • Individual interviews with key execs & SAB members about company, competition, value & risk, SWOT, etc.
  • Led 4-hour strategic workshop to interrogate SWOT, value proposition, path forward for pipeline validation, indication prioritization & partnering

Valued Outcome

  • Understanding of unique value proposition within competitive landscape
  • Built team comradery; aligned on company value proposition and path forward for platform validation, pipeline advancement and partnering
  • Prepared company to optimally position and pitch for successful Series B raise