Presented by Cello Health BioConsulting, now part of Lumanity


  • Ed Saltzman, Head, Biotech Strategy, Lumanity


  • Beth Fordham-Meier, VP, BD, BioConsulting, Lumanity
  • Yochi Slonim, CEO, Anima Biotech
  • Sharon Benzeno, CBO, Adaptive Biotech Adam Keeney, CEO, NodThera

Compelling scientific innovation and record-breaking IPOs and financings have led to a resurgence in the appeal and valuations of broad platform biopharma companies. But to fulfill their promise and justify investor confidence, platform companies must be clever and calculated in advancing portfolio development and partnering strategies.

Early partnering is an important and arguably essential strategy to validate a technology platform and secure “nondilutive” financing. But deals have consequences, and not all are good.

Early deals can be especially costly and constraining if not thoughtfully pursued and structured. Moreover, large pharma, which has long been seen as bringing value in a deal for their development and commercial savvy, lacks compelling experience and track records with commercializing “products” based off of complex platforms including Adoptive Cellular Therapies (ACT) and other types of Advanced Therapeutics like gene therapies and rare and monogenic disease therapies.

In this panel, biopharma executives and dealmakers will discuss ways to leverage early-stage partnering to validate platforms and position platform companies for growth and success while avoiding “seller’s remorse.”