We are delighted to present our Pharma Progress event focused on launch success.

With escalating complexity and huge pressures, the stakes have never been higher in launch and very few exceed expectations. In the context of a post-pandemic world, we explore what you need to do to make sure your launch is one of the success stories. 

Industry statistics suggest almost 50% of launches fail to meet expectations in their first six months. And in a post-pandemic world, with pipelines under intensive pressure, the stakes have increased dramatically.

So, what does it take to ride the highs and lows and deliver launch success?

De-risk your launch using the insights and strategies from launch industry experts who share their challenges, failures, and successes.

This webinar was originally recorded on November 15, 2022.

Program Overview

Customer needs vs. industry goals (25 minutes)
New research: In an era of patient centricity and customer closeness, how can we manage stakeholders’ expectations in the launch time frame and where are the disconnects with industry?

Launch mindset and organizational “muscle memory” (25 minutes)
Effective launch is more than a set of milestones. Success requires a holistic mindset and building the organizational muscle memory that allows teams to learn and adapt fast to reduce margins of error. We explore the critical drivers around collaboration, transparency, and agile ways of working.

The launch ecosystem: translating theory into practice (50 minutes)
Moderated panel discussion
The highs and lows come fast and furious in the realities of launch. We ask cross-functional launch experts to share their experiences on the launch rollercoaster, and their insights into securing future success.

The session finished with an audience Q&A from the live event.

Webinar presenters

Louise Sheppard, PhD

Global Head of Launch Capabilities Centre of Excellence, Astellas

Tracey Barnes

Vice President, Launch Excellence,

Mike Kelly, Principal at Lumanity

Mike Kelly

Principal, Commercial Consulting, Lumanity

Andrew Wood

Head of Behavioral Science, Insight, Lumanity

Alex Adams

Digital Marketing Excellence Lead, Roche

Graeme Johnston

Board Member, Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD)