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Our Partnership with Sorcero

Lumanity is committed to solving complex industry challenges with innovative tech-enabled solutions and, as part of this imperative, we have partnered with Sorcero to revolutionize medical strategy and communications. Through our partnership, decision-makers can generate exponentially more insight from their data to drive medical strategy, leverage auto-generated Plain Language Summaries (PLS), and deliver more efficient and effective medical communications programs.

Delivering Technology-enabled, Expert-led Solutions

Lumanity’s medical affairs experts can leverage Sorcero’s MIM™ (Medical Insights Management) platform to enable clients to make better, bolder decisions and greatly enhance the strategic agility and effectiveness of medical communications. Sorcero’s MIM™ is a proprietary, medically-tuned AI that brings together disparate data streams into a single source of truth.

Sorcero’s AI-generated PLS service allows medical affairs teams to rapidly generate multiple first draft PLSs which are then reviewed by Lumanity’s experts in medical strategy and communications in order to validate, visualize, and disseminate the summaries.

"The role of medical affairs continues to evolve. This discipline now involves insight mapping, managing evidence generation, transforming and personalizing physician engagement and education - all while integrating patients’ needs and perspectives. To realize their potential as a strategic pillar within the life sciences ecosystem, medical affairs teams must harness the rapidly expanding volume of data from multiple sources and quickly distil it into validated insights."
Michael Parisi Global Practice Lead, Medical Strategy and Communications at Lumanity
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“Medical affairs teams are accelerating their efforts to integrate patient needs and perspectives into the next-generation of targeted therapies that depend on patient centricity while also delivering life changing outcomes. Communicating with stakeholders, such as patient communities, and using plain language that is tailored to them and their needs, is a key starting point for engagement and education.”
Richard Graves Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Sorcero
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