From insight planning and environmental analysis to affiliate input, cross-functional working, and review and approval – our latest whitepaper offers an expert view on why the planning process can feel like a never-ending cycle and how some simple questioning can make the annual process focused, efficient, and engaging for all.

This whitepaper goes into depth on the five essential questions to ask before commencing the next strategic planning cycle – and, importantly, then goes on to define five crucial things to do with the answers:

  • What’s the vision, ambition, and internal expectations?
  • What’s changing in the market?
  • How has the asset or portfolio changed?
  • How is the brand performing and why?
  • What’s worked and not worked, and why?

With these five questions and completion of the subsequent five tasks, the critical journey of strategic brand planning becomes a streamlined and calmer process that efficiently reaps the benefits for your company in terms of long-term gains.

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