Gareth Nicol

Group Business Director, Insight

After completing a graduate trainee program at a large consumer agency, Gareth moved to a specialist healthcare agency in London in 2002, and has focused on healthcare market research ever since.

Gareth has a wide range of experience, covering a number of methodologies, but is a qualitative researcher at heart. With a keen interest in exploring what makes people speak and behave in the way they do, he has a special interest in discourse analysis at the point of treatment: "By analyzing the conversations between healthcare practitioners (HCPs) and patients, and combining this with qualitative investigation, you uncover rich opportunities to influence the conversation and, therefore, improve patient outcomes."

Gareth has broad therapy area experience, notably in immunology, diabetes and central nervous system (CNS). He also has extensive experience in the role of nutrition in disease management and prevention.

After graduating from the University of Natal (South Africa) with an BA in English and Political Science, he completed a post-graduate diploma in Marketing at Damelin College.