Social media-driven patient insights

Tap into patient insights with syndicated social media reports

Get closer to the patient experience and support your patient centricity goals with Lumanity’s Sonar. Based on social media and digital data sources, Sonar offers regular, comprehensive patient tracking reports that allows you to remain close to the patient reality across key stages of your product lifecycle. Sonar provides greater access to insights through facilitating the navigation of complex pharmacovigilance processes, allowing more agility in commercial decision making and informing future primary research.

Stay closer to the patient experience
Live and breathe patient centricity by continually tracking the ever-evolving patient experience, as told through real-world, authentic patient stories
Greater access to insights
Facilitating internal processes and gain quicker access to insights, allowing for greater agility in your commercial decision making
Inform your primary research
Identify emerging trends and key patient signals, to inform primary research and ensure resources are used most efficiently and effectively, saving both time and money
Commercially relevant
Apply findings to individual circumstances and priorities, through bespoke interpretation of data and/or a dedicated workshop with our senior team to facilitate thinking and draw out impact and meaning
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Explore one of our sample reports demonstrating how the patient conversation was tracked in our Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) report, which looks at elements such as:

  • Understanding concerns, frustrations, and pain points relating to T2D, as told through individual patient stories (esp. surrounding comorbidities, such as obesity)
  • Exploring existing product perceptions, experiences, and expectations
  • Understanding impact of evolving market dynamics
  • Comparing company activity, engagement, and degree of success with online patient communication initiatives, and determining if/how this is shaping the online patient conversation

We’re also happy to explore what opportunities might exist within your therapy area.